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Databases are not resources. They are methods of storage and retrieval, most commonly accessed through online portals. Databases provide researchers with access to a variety of resources not available on the open web.  In the databases available to you look for:

 Issues and Controversies in American History (New)


Student Resources-in-Context

Student Resources-in-Context
The newest database at MGHS (we're using it on a trial basis) provides a broad range of resources related to social issues and more. This database provide you access to many types of resources.

Wisconsin Badgerlink

EBSCO Explora for Students
Provided by Wisconsin Badgerlink, Explora taps the large collection of EBSCH databases provided to all citizens of the state. Remember to use the library card option from home.  Select Monona Grove Public Schools and enter MGSD + your five digit Student ID number as your library card number (e.g. MGSD81515)  

SIRS Pro/Con

SIRS Researcher / ProCon
SIRS, provided by your  MGHS  library, is a great databases for the exploring contemporary social issues addressed by modern progressive thinkers.



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