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Looking through Lenses: A Media Literacy Skill: Cultural/Ethnic Lens

Cultural/Ethnic Lens

When we analyze a resource with a lens that looks at issues of culture and ethnicity, we are looking at representations of how different cultures are portrayed. 

Questions and Strategies for Using Culture and Ethnicity as a Lens

  • Analyze how the source discusses culture and/or ethnicity. Consider what images of "others" are presented in the text? How are these "others" portrayed?
  • Are there unfair stereotypes? Are there any generalities that hold true?
  • Analyze the source for how it deals with cultural conflicts, particularly between majority (power) and minority (lack of power) groups.


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How does media define what it means to fit in?

Historically, some ads were blatantly in the ways they presented "other" cultures. (Do not analyze this ad)

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Advertising Cultural Ideas


Colorado Sage cologne. Source:



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