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Research and Reading Map for Teachers: Wolves in Wisconsin (Biology)

Project List

Project List

Civil War Ning 
US History - 10
Enlightenment / Hunger Games
European History - 9
Immigration Debate
US History - 10  
Indigenous People Project 
World Cultures - 9
Junior History Project 
US History - 11
Medical Miracles
Nature of Science 
Chemistry / Honors Chemistry
Persuasive Speech
English - 10
Progressive Project
US History - 10
World War II 
US History - 11
Wolves in Wisconsin

The Nature of Science


Click on the banner above to access the research guide.

The class guide includes an article bank that will be adequate for more students. Below, are additional articles which may be useful to students with lower Lexile levels:

The Future of Wolves (Chapter from an EBSCOHost eBook) LEXILE: 700

In the World of People (Chapter from an EBSCOHost eBook) LEXILE: 620

Myth versus Fact (Chapter from an EBSCOHOst eBook) LEXILE 580

A War Over Wolves (Scholastic News on EBSCO) LEXILE 730


Students can also search EBSCO's Explora for articles like these (limit by LEXILE)  NOTE: EBSCOHost has a features that will read articles aloud and translate to other language.

For ELL students, try 


You can also access the GDS Kid InfoBits database for lower level students.  This database features articles from magazines and other resources published for students K-5.  Ask Mrs. Cowell for the password.

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