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Blogging Basics: Overview


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Should I blog

Simple Rules and Tools for Publishing Online

Do you like to write?
Blogging is all about the written word.  Video blogs require scripting, and even photo blogs include an element of writing.  

Do you have something important to share?
Early in the history of blogging, many writers used the medium for personal diaries.  While blogging is, perhaps, an effective tool for accumulating your thoughts, few people are interested in reading about the day to day lives of others (unless they are a celebrity).  What passion, expertise, or unique viewpoint to you have to share with readers?

Are you creative? 
Developing a blog requires creative thinking.  You'll seldom gather a following by simply rambling away in an online diary.  What will your blog's focus be?  Creative titling of both the blog and the individual posts is important if you hope to attract readers.

Do you like to read?
Bloggers are readers.  Reading keeps you current in your chosen area of focus.  Reading gives you content to comment on.  Reading allows you to respond to your own readers effectively and intelligently.

Are you self-motivated? 
Bloggers who are consistent in their habits of sharing information and ideas grow the most loyal followings.  Once you have your blog established, are you able to follow through with regular content?

Are you open-minded?

Blogging puts your ideas out there.  Not everyone is going to agree with them.  Are you prepared to listen to the criticism that others have of your ideas and respond with open-minded rebuttal?  Are you open to new ideas your readers may inject through comments?

See what professional blogger, Darren Rowse, thinks are the most important 23 Questions for Prospective Bloggers - Is a Blog Right for You.

The guide, by L. Cowell, is based on the original published on the HUHS LibGuides.

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