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Forensic Science: The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene

Looking for evidence...

Check out this Crime Scene Investigation Training Film, circa 1960.  


Amino Acids Could Help Determine Sex of Fingerprint Originators (Chemnical and Engineering News)

 Developing Fingerprints with Super Glue (Make Magazine)

Digital Fingerprints (Neate Imaging)
Interesting look at how digital imaging technology has impacted forensic science.  

 Finger Print Analysis
Practice identifying prints, interactively!

Fingerprints in Space, Science and the Environment, Encyclopedia of Mathematics. 

Recording Legible Fingerprints (FBI)

Michele Triplett's Fingerprinting Dictionary
A collection of over 100 terms related to the science of fingerprinting.  Check out Triplett's published articles for interesting information.


Who is Michele Triplett?  Not everyone who claims expertise has the credentials to make that claim.  You can evaluate Triplet's credibility, yourself!

   Click to view.

A Google search of Tripplet's name, along with the field of study, reveals not only her work, but also her Curriculum Vitae, a professional resume maintained by many scholarly professionals that offers evidence of expertise. 

Click on the thumbnail to see Triplett's CV and review thewealth of information you'll find on these professional resumes.



Collection and Preservation of Blood Evidence from Crime Scenes

Blood Stain Tutorial (J. Slemko Forensic Consulting, Inc.)
Includes an opportunity to Analyze a Case 

How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works 
A great illustrative source from How Stuff Works




Firearms Tutorial
Designed for students at the University of Utah to give them a working knowlege of the types of firearms, the types of ammunition used, the nature of injuries that can be produced in the body, and the investigative techniques employed by the forensic pathologist in assessing firearms injuries.

How do Bullet's Fly
Explains bullet motion through the atmosphere using physics.Encludes experimental observations of bullets fired from small arms, both at short and at long ranges. Numerous illustrations are included.


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