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Plagiarism: A Student Guide: Overview

At MG...

Your teachers will work with you to develop writing and creative skills that allow you to use the ideas of others in support of your own ideas.

We put technology to work for you with opportunities to author and publish your ideas in a variety of mediums and forms, and we give you tools that will help you do so with respect for the ideas and creative work of others:

Your Guide

This guide was authored by L. Cowell and first published to the Hartford Union High School.  All adaptations were made by L. Cowell and reposted to Monona Grove High School.


Inside this LibGuide, you will learn to:

Identify plagiarism, as it is defined in the academic world.
Avoid plagiarizing in your own work by using good note-taking techniques.
Paraphrase the ideas of others more effectively.


Do you?

Do you?

Do you?
I have never plagiarized.: 2 votes (40%)
I have probably plagiarized, but I thought I was paraphrasing.: 3 votes (60%)
I have knowingly plagiarized.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 5

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