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Anatomy of a Book Review

What to include...

After your analysis, you should make a recommendation.  Specifics are important. Recommending a book enthusiastically to everyone does not take into account audience age or differences.  For positive reviews, consider

  • what age groups are most likely to enjoy the book?
  • are there readers who have enjoyed other titles that would also enjoy this title?
  • can and will readers look forward to a sequel?

If you are offering a negative recommendation (we all encounter books we just don't enjoy), tell your reader

  • why the book is not likely to interest them.
  • what other books on the same topic or in the same genre might be a better choice.

Recommend it!

Feel like reaching further with your recommendations?  Try these options:

Post your book review on Amazon or Barnes & Nobel

Log into Destiny and use the  "recommend" button  to recommend a book to a friend or teacher at MGHS.  Be sure to offer them reasons you think this is the perfect book for them!

Share the books you love by linking your Destiny account to your Twitter and  Facebook accounts.

Sign up for GoodReads and share your favorite books with other readers!

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