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Anatomy of a Book Review

What to include...

Book reviews should always be signed by the critic. 

  • Finish by signing your name
  • List your credentials and any scholarly/professional affiliation that at weight to your credibility.

Your affiliations...

We all have knowledge and experiences that make us uniquely qualified to offer recommendations to some audiences.  Listing your affiliations will let your audience know how YOU are qualified to recommend books to THEM.

  • What is your age / grade level?  Perhaps your reader has similar characteristics.
  • Where do you go to school?  Is your reader attending the same or a similar school?
  • Where do you live?  Does your reader share a similar cultural viewpoint?
  • Are you a gamer?  A musician?  Other?  Your interests, hobbies, and talents may give you specific insights the book topic  or genre you are reviewing.

Sign your name with your credentials!

Mrs. Cowell,
Reader, Teacher, Librarian 
Monona Grove High School, WI

Library Information and Media Center - Monona Grove High School - Monona, Wisconsin

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