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Anatomy of a Book Review

What to include...

The citation is more than proof of academic proof.  In the real world, citation helps us relocate specific resources more easily.  All citations are comprised of three basic types of information.


All media, print and otherwise, is created by individuals who may retain rights of ownership (copyright), but who certainly deserve credit for the work they have done.  Including accurate details about contributors, such as authors, illustrators, editors, etc., provides recognition, as well as information that will help you or your reader relocate the source.  Remember:

  • Include complete names as used by the contributor.  Initials and suffixes may be key in differentiating between two authors with similar names.
  • When a sources is the product of collaborative creative efforts, include the names of all contributors.  


Specific identifiers, such as titles, are necessary to locating a copy of a resource.  Because titles are designed to grab the potential reader's attention, an exact title--wording and spelling--are crucial. Remember:

  • If the source is located inside a larger resource (such as an anthology or a set) record BOTH titles.
  • If there is a subtitle, include it!


Locating a copy of any resource is easier if you have information about who is responsible for the production, sale and distribution of a resource. In fact, knowing these will be a necessary part of locating an identical copy of a resource, if the material has been published in various versions by different publishers in the past.  Make note of publishing or production companies and their addresses (city and state), as well as the copyright year of the publication you are holding.  It may also be useful to record the original copyright date of a source.  Remember:

  • A resource CAN be self published.  In this case, the same person may be listed as both creator and publisher.
  • When offered several addresses for a publisher, choose the one closes to you, geographically.



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