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Getting to Know Our Online Catalog: About Lexiles

About Lexiles

Your Lexile score is a useful tool.  Knowing the Lexile Level of a book can help you determine if the text will be challenging enough to push your reading skills, but not so difficult that you'll risk comprehension.  

BUT... be careful about only using Lexile Levels to select reading  materials.

In an elementary or middle school library, there are books across a wide range of Lexiles.  This is a reflection of students who attend, Kindergarten to 8th grade.  

In a high school library, the range of materials is less distinct, aimed primarily at young adults and adults. The fact is, the Lexile Level of most YA and adult fiction falls somewhere within the 800-1000 range.  Non-fiction books may present a higher Lexile Level, often because of the field specific terminology they contain.

Does this mean that YA and adult fiction books are relatively easy  for a student whose Lexile score is 1150 to read?  Not necessarily.  The challenge of reading literature is more than a matter of decoding. Complexity of plot and maturity of themes are also important challenges for you to take on, as a reader. With fiction, you may find that books at a lower Lexile Level take you less time to tackle, but they still offer rich insights and ideas.  

In Destiny, rather than searching by Lexile, it's recommended that you take note of the Lexile score of any book you choose to read.  Use it as a gauge for determining whether or not the technical difficulty of reading the text will interfere with your enjoyment of the literary elements.  Then, consider whether the book will challenge you as a thinker!

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