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Media Literacy: Giving Power

This guides serves as and online primer and textbook for the Media Literacy classes at MGHS.


Giving Power through Media

Kelly's Notes

Today’s media - consolidation -- ownership of media by a few -- infographic of ownership of major networks -- what could be the problem with this? How so?

Learning Target:  Males & violence images in media - Attitude is everything/ cave man mentality new warriors/ muscles and the ideal man/heroic masculinity

Activity:  FOMO -- (nonfiction article about this) -- students reflect on own social media - how FB makes people feel bad -- twitter, retweets.stars

Political Polarization & Social Media

  • guy who liked everything for 24 hours

  • Pew Research study on media habits (Students complete their own survey on this -- google form?) -- analysis - advantage/disadvantage of limiting/increasing # of media sources

  • Feedly/FB -- what happens if we get to pick our “news” -

Library Information and Media Center - Monona Grove High School - Monona, Wisconsin

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