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Media Literacy: A Media Landscape

This guides serves as and online primer and textbook for the Media Literacy classes at MGHS.

The Media

Understanding News & Information Media

Understanding Entertainment Media

Understanding Advertising Media

Understanding Social Media

What is media?

Media messages are constructed using symbols and techniques appropriate to the medium in which they are constructed and according to common conventions.

CONCEPTS: text, analog/digital, genre, medium, format, industry/outlet, narrative, documentary, docudrama, information graphics, photojournalism, television, movies, video games, contemporary music

Students define media the analog and digital means of transmitting messages to an audience.  The recognize that the term "text" refers to the result of media production, regardless of medium (a movie, a book, a newspaper article, an advertisement, a music release, etc.).  
Students can identify common media types by genre, format, and outlet.  

What is literacy?

Literacy is the ability to access and produce information (communicate) in a meaningful way and is crucial to individual autonomy and the ideals of democracy.

CONCEPTS: access, information glut/infowhelm, critical analysis, credibility, fact-checking, hidden web

Students readily engage with information in both analog and digital formats, navigating these according to their unique conventions.
Students can evaluate information presented in a variety of mediums and formats using criteria that demands credibility and transparency.

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