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Media Literacy: Media Constructs

This guides serves as and online primer and textbook for the Media Literacy classes at MGHS.


Constructing Truth

Constructing Desire

Constructing Fame

How does media affect our perceptions of ourselves, others, and situations?

All media messages have embedded values and a point-of-view and can therefore influence our perceptions and persuade our judgement.

CONCEPTS: branding, constructed meaning, deconstruction, stereotypes, product placement

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How does personal experience affect our interpretation of media messages?

Audiences have different personal and cultural experiences and therefore "read" the same media message differently.

CONCEPTS: demographics, connotation, ideological preference, journalism of affirmation, local vs. global perspective, rss feeds

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How does personal experience affect the creation of new media?

All authors are audience members and cultural participants and therefore their perceptions and messages have been influenced by media.

CONCEPTS: transtextuality,  news satire, transforming texts, editorial, editorial bias, author bias, situational bias, blogs/podcasts, false balance,

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