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Media Literacy: Media and Power

This guides serves as and online primer and textbook for the Media Literacy classes at MGHS.


Giving Power

Taking Power

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What is the power of media?

Media can effectively reaches and influences a large audience in a short period of time and power lays in the hands of those who control the media.

CONCEPTS:  broadcast, mass media, breaking news, propaganda, marketing, censorship, monopoly, social media, transparency, consolidation

Students ...

How are new media affecting the balance of power today?

The nature of hypermedia is shifting power in the modern world.

CONCEPTS: transtextuality/innertextuality, citizen journalism, participatory, convergence, hypertext, social media, synergy, viral/word-of-mouth, digital footprint

Students can identify the impact of changing media on the shifting nature of power in our society.
Students recognize both the negative and positive impacts of social media.  

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