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Model UN Research at MGHS: Russia

General Reference


Use almanacs to gather general facts and data related to a region or country and it's history/political structure.


Offstats (Russia)
From the University of Auckland, this site provides a portal to a variety of statistical sources available on the web.


Constitution of the Russian Federation (in English)


Russian News Service
Affiliated with World News Report, this source provides an up-to-the-minute wire of news related to Russia.

Papers and Articles

Papers and Articles

The New Russian Foriegn Policy Concept: Evolving Continuity 
Analysis by Andrew Monaghan, a Research Fellow at St. Antony's College, Oxford.

Passing the Trough (2013 Economic Outlook)
Economic analysis by Uralsib, a London/Moscow based finance company.  Provides links to news and reports.

Home-grown Terrorism: Russia's Ticking Time Bomb

The Russian Far East: Opportunities and Challenges 
Analysis by Rens Lee · April 16, 2013

Russian Interests and Policies in the Artic

Russia's Looming Crisis (PDF ebook)
This ebook, published by David Satter in March of 2012, discusses potential consequences of political crisis in Russia.

Russia's Options: As Russians See Them
Report and analysis by John R. Haines at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Russian Policies Towards the Ukraine
Analysis published by The Center for Easter Studies (OSW), an independent public research institute monitoring events in Russia and neighboring conties.   Check out the related topics on the right.


Center for International Private Enterprise
Based in Washington D.C., this organization supports democracy worldwide "through private enterprise and market-oriented reform. Use the search box to locate information related to private enterprise in Russia.

Foreign Policy Magazine (Russia Section)

One of the most credible names in international politics and global affairs, Foreign Policy delivers highly influential corporate, policymaker, and professional audiences in print and online.

Founded in 1955, the Foriegn Policy Research Institute is a scholarly think-tank focused on bringing insight to U.S. foriegn policy decision makers. Check out the publication "E-Notes"  for articles aimed at educators/students. Page through and use CNTRL+F to search for "russia.", maintained by defense commentator John Pike, focuses on defense policy. Use the search box to locate a large range of items related to your topic.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (official site)
The English transcript is listed as "unofficial" but the related links offer a variety of statements and speeches related to the foriegn affairs policies in Russia.  Look to the left for menu options.

This is The Centre for Easter Studies (OSW), an independent public research institute monitoring events in Russia and neighboring countries. Headquartered in Poland, this is the English version of the site. Use the search box in the upper right to zero in on Russia.

Russian Federation Federal State Statistics Service 
Provide comprehensive data related to all sectors of public interest in Russia.  Primary navigation along left hand side and top bar.

Russian Government (official site, English version)

Russian Mission

This site highlights the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union and includes a section on Russian Foriegn Policy.  Check out the Permanent Mission for a clearer understanding of the site's focus.

An English-language information service and community whose goal is "to offer the most comprehensive and concise view of business, economic, political and cultural trends and processes underway in Russia."

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