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Barton, Clara

Our library has two print biographies of Clara Barton (921 Barton). A search of Google books (set to free Google ebooks)  will get you access to her autobiographies and other books about here.

Beauregard, W.G.T.

Our library has a print biography of Beauregard (921 Beauregard).

Benjamin, Judah

Our library has a print biography of Judah P. Benjamin (921 Benjamin).

Boyd, Belle

Our library has a print biography of Belle Boyd (921 Boyd).  There is also a chapter about her in Petticoat Spies (973.7 Car).

Brady, Matthew

Our library has a history of the civil war featuring photographs directed by Brady, as well as information about his life and career, entitled Photo by Brady (973.73 ARM).   

Brown, John

Our library has two print biographies of Brown (921 Brown) and other histories of his activities. Look for Midnight Rising (971.71 HOR).

Carney, William

In our library, you'll find a children's book titled Hold the Flag High that highlights the battle in which Carney won the Congressional Medal of Honor. 

Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence

The library carries a biography of Chamberlain (921 Chamberlain) and there are many BASIC biographies available online.  To dig deeper into this character, you'll need to think outside the box.  We have two ebooks available through EBSCO:  Fanny & Joshua : The Enigmatic Lives of Frances Caroline Adams & Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Through Blood & Fire : Selected Civil War Papers of Major General Joshua Chamberlain

  • A Google search for Joshual Lawrence Chamberlain letters includes two immediate hits linked to archives located at Bowdoin College and the U.S. Library of Congress.
  • A search for this civil war character in Student Resources-in-Context will provide you with a number of more studied resources and deeper insight into his impact on the war.

Chestnut, Mary

Chestnut's diary is key in understanding this character.  You can find a copy in our library (921 Chestnut) or online with purposeful searching.  Overwhelmed?  You can find access to her diary online, which is searchable. 

  • A search for Mary Chesnut returns thousands of results, many of them biographical. A quick glance through top hits will provide BASIC information about her life.   
  • A search for excerpts from Mary Chesnut's diary in Google returns thousand of hits, too, but at the top of the list you'll find a link to an excerpt posted on Civil War Trust AND a link to complete diary online. You can search for specific information within that complete diary using CNTL+F.
  • Google searches only about 20% of what's available on the internet.  Use Google Scholar to search deeper.  Visit the library website to search academic databases and our catalog of print resources.

Civilian, Union Loyalist (go to Character Traits section of this guide)

Civilian, Southern Loyalist (go to Character Traits section of this guide)

Davis, Jefferson

Our library has a two biographies of Davis (921 Davis) and one ebook available through EBSCO titled Jefferson Davis and the Civil War Era

Douglass, Fredrick

Our library has two print biographies of Douglass (921 Douglass) and one ebook available through EBSCO titled  Frederick Douglass : Selected Speeches and Writings.

Edmonds, Sarah Emma

Our library has two print biographies of Edmonds (921 Edmonds). There is also a chapter about her in Petticoat Spies (973.7 Car).

Fairchild, Lucius

Our library has a print biography of Fairchild (921 Fairchild).

Forrest, Nathan Bedford

Our library has a print biography of Forrest (921 Forrest) and a helpful ebook in the EBSCO collection titled: Born to Battle : Grant and Forrest--Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga: the Campaigns That Doomed the Confederacy 

Galloway, Abraham

While our library doesn't have a copy, there is a preview to the book The Fire of Freedom: Abraham Galloway and the Slaves' Civil War in Google books worth examining. You can read an insightful review of the book here.

Grant, Ulysess S.

Our library has several print biographies of Grant (921 Grant).  Also check out the ebook in the EBSCO collection titled: Born to Battle : Grant and Forrest--Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga: the Campaigns That Doomed the Confederacy 

Greenhow, Rose

Our library has a biography of Rose Greenhow entitled Wild Rose (921 Greenhow)

Rose O'Neal Greenhow Papers, 1861-1864 (Duke University) Letters from Greenhow, a Confederate spy, to Jefferson Davis, Alexander Boteler, and others, regarding war activities. Also several newspaper articles describing her imprisonment in 1861 and her death in 1864. Image of Greenhow at right from My Imprisonment and the First Year of Abolition Rule At Washington, by Rose Greenhow. London: Richard Bentley, 1863.

Harvey, Cordelia

Our library maintains two biographies about this important Wisconsin woman (921 Harvey).  A general Google search for "Cordelia Harvey" will lead you to a number of biographical sites with BASIC information about her life and career.  Because Harvey is lesser known outside of Wisconsin, many databases don't include information on her.  You'll need to dig deeper on the web to develop your understanding of her character.

  • A Google Scholar search will provide you with access to book that includes a narrative she composed relating her experience as a nurse in the Civil War.
  • A Google search for cordelia harvey letters leads you immediately to the digitized collection of her papers stored at UW.  The page includes a search engine.

Jackson, Stonewall

Our library has 2 print biographies (921 Jackson) and one digital (unlimited access, and searchable) biography on this important civil war character.  Because of this man's role in American History, you'll also find a considerable number of academic and primary sources on the open web.  

Johnston, Albert Sidney

Our library owns several biographies (921 Johnston) of this confederate leader.

Lee, Mary Greenhow

Our library has a print biography of Mary Greenhow Lee  (921 Lee).  

Lee, Robert E.

In our library you'll find several biographies on Lee (921 Lee).  We have one ebook entitled The Seven Days : The Emergence of Robert E. Lee and the Dawn of a Legend​

Longstreet, James

Our library has a print biography of Longstreet (921 Longstreet).

McClellan, George

Our library has a print history entitled A Savage Thunder (973.73 Mur) focused on the bloody battle of Antietam. 

Native American Soldier for the North (go to Character Traits section of this guide)

Native American Soldier for the South (go to Character Traits section of this guide)

Pickett, George

Our library has a print biography of Pickett (921 Pickett) 

Pomeroy, Marcus

A Google search of "Marcus Pomeroy" turns up a number of small sources.  The American Pomeroy Historic Genealogical Association has a biography of this famous family member.  Take a look at the references at the bottom.  One of these links to a digital edition of his full biography and the other to a dissertation centered around him.  The LaCrosse Public Library also has a guide that includes access to his news articles and books, online.

Sherman, William

Our library a print biography of Sherman  (921 Sherman) and several ebooks available through EBSCO, including:   Demon of the Lost Cause : Sherman and Civil War History and Sherman : A Soldier's Passion for Order.

Smalls, Robert

In our library you'll find abiography about Smalls (921 Smalls).

Smith, Issac

Our library caries a print biography of this Confederate spy (921 SMI).

Stowe, Harriet Beecher

In our library, you'll find a biography on Stowe (921 Stowe).  

Stuart, J.E.B.

Our library has a biography on Stuart (921 Stuart).

Taylor, Susie King

The library owns two books that include chapters regarding Susie King Taylor.  We also carry her personal memoirs, entitled A Black Woman's Civil War Memoirs (973.7 Tay). A simple Google search will provide you with BASIC information.  For more insight into this character, you'll need to put your research skills to work.

Thompson, Sarah E. 

Sarah E. Thompson Papers, 1859-1898 (Duke University) The materials in this collection center around the murder of Thompson's husband, her intelligence work for the Union army which led to the defeat of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan, and her subsequent post-war struggles against poverty, largely as a single mother.

Tubman, Harriet

The library carries a print biography of Tubman (921 Tubman), an unlimited access and searchable ebook biography, and a  number of books that have chapters or sections discussing her roll in the abolition movement.  In a Google search, you'll find many BASIC resources that outline Tubman's life and work, but primary sources will help you to gain a deeper understanding of her character.

  • Expand your Google search to "Harriet Tubman" letters and you'll find correspondence both addressed to and written by her involving other key Civil War figures.  
  • Change up your search to "Harriet Tubman" primary sources and you'll immediately return links to collections at the Maryland State Archives and the U.S. Library of Congress
  • Tubman is one of those well known figures in American History that will yield great results using library databases. Be sure to search in Student Resources-in-Context

Van Lew, Elizabeth

Our library has a print biography of Van Lew (921 Van Lew).

Walker, Mary Edwards

Our library has 2 print biographies of Walker's life  (921 Walker) and an ebook available through EBSCO titled To Free a Family: The Journey of Mary Walker​

Whitman, Walt

The library carries an interesting history in print titled Now the Drums of War: Walt Whitman and his brothers in the Civil War (973.78 ROP), as well as a biography of his life during the civil war (921 Whitman)

Williams, Cathay

The library doesn't have a biography of Williams, but  you can preview the book Cathay WIlliams: From Slave to BUffalo Soldier at Google Books.  Also this brief online bio provides access to primary source documents and this article in The Humanities magazine examines her contributions.  Also consider the life of African American soldiers, in general.

Billy Yank  (go to Character Traits section of this guide)

Our library has a print biography Daniel Chisholm (921 Chi), a soldier in the Union Army, that will offer you insight into the daily life of these combatants. 

Johnny Reb  (go to Character Traits section of this guide)

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