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Medical Miracles: Template

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Medical Miracle

Breifly define the medical problem that existed before the discovery or innovation.  Discuss early treatments (solutions) to the problem and how these effected both patients and medical staff.

Significant Discovery

Change in medical treatment is generally related to new discovery related to causes, technical capability, etc.  Describe and introduce your discovery by reviewing the research leading up to it.  Give biographical information about important individuals involved in this discovery.

Emerging Innovations

Following new medical discovery, implementation is accomplished through innovation. Discuss the innovations that have grown out of this discovery.  Remember that a single discovery may lead to various innovations.  Consider presenting both sequential and branching innovations.

Social Impact

  Positive Effects   Negative Effects


DIRECTIONS: In this box, you will discuss the impact this discovery has had on various groups within society, such as: global, country, state, locale, your family, generations, career fields.  List known impacts, including

  • medical (emotional or physical side effects, life expectancy, new disorders or symptoms)
  • professional (impact on staff education, training, pay, specialization, etc.)
  • ethical (i.e. religious or moral issues)
  • legal (i.e. illegal uses or legalization, legislation)
  • economic (i.e. cost, demand, insurance coverage, availability for uninsured)

When you are finished, erase these directions and replace with a summative analysis of the impact these effects have upon society as a whole.


Replace this text with introductory text to the media you've selected.  You can include media through YouTube, Prezi, Capzles, and a variety of other outlets.  Look for an embed code.

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Future Directions

Are there identified directions this medical treatment will take in the future?  Continuing problems that must be address.  Here is your opportunity to share your own concerns and hopes about where we are headed in this field.

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