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Medical Miracles: Instructions

Getting Started...

This is an independent project that will focus on different advancements in medicine. There have been many innovations that have changed the way we look at healthcare and how we approach different patients and diseases.  You will pick one topic that interests you and make a website or guide with specific headings.  Ms. Cowell in the IMC will walk you through the different components of research and what needs to be included on your final project.  Throughout the project it is expected that you do ‘senior level’ research and stay on task throughout the process.

As a contributor, your name has been added to the LibGuides CMS as a regular guide.  You will be able to create this (and other guides) for review and publication upon approval.  

Identify Your Topic

  1. Select a topic from the timeline or choose another with teacher approval.
  2. Provide Mrs. Cowell with your name, as well as the year and name of your topic.

Create Your Guide

  1. Log into the system and select "Create Guide."
  2. For this guide, select "Medical Miracles" under "group assignment."  
  3. Select "Copy content / layout from an existing guide" and navigate to the guide "Medical Miracles - Template" under "Guides at my Institution."  
  4. Name your guide the topic/medical miracle you have chosen.
  5. Leave other settings at default and click on the blue button "Create Guide."

Rename Your Main Page

  1. Your guide should have the name you assigned.  You can correct this if your topic doesn not appear as the title.
  2. Rename your main page "A Learning Guide."  

Organize Your Guide

  1. Create a new page and name it "Sandbox."  Select the option to hide the page from public viewing.  This will be your space to gather information, play with features, etc.
  2. You should use the template to determine what information is required in your guide.  You may elect to move this content onto seperate pages or keep it within the default format.  

Publishing Your Guide

  1. You can preview your guide at anytime.
  2. When your guide is complete, notify your teacher that you would like to be graded.  She will publish the guide to the public space.  

NOTE:  Mrs. Cowell will stay during OVERTIME, as able, upon request.  Please let her know if you will need this support.

Resources for Research

 Destiny Online Library Catalog

Don't forget the eBooks: ​Book Collection Nonfiction: High School Edition and EBSCO eBooks - Expanded Collection

Discovery Education
Features video clips and other media for learning. Students at MGHS may log in using their five digit student ID number
(Sample Username: MGHS81963 Sample Password: 81963)

EBSCO's Health Resources
Includes AHFS Consumer Medication Information, Alt Health Watch, Consumer Health Complete, Health Source, and MEDLINE.

History Reference Center (via Badgerlink)

New England Journal of Medicine
Search "200th Anniversary" to locate articles dedicated to the history of important medical innovations.

Science Reference Center (via Badgerlink)

SIRS Researcher

Timelines (consider including a timeline in your guide).

Library Information and Media Center - Monona Grove High School - Monona, Wisconsin

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