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Nutrition Valued: Understanding the Benefits of Healthy Choices: Planning Tools

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Daily Needs Calculator
Input your weight/height, gender, age and activity level to get an estimate of daily requirements for calories, saturated fats and a number of other nutrients.

Fiber Screener
Estimates your fiber intake based on weekly habits of fruit and vegetable consumption

"Look up a food to get quick access to nutrition info for over 8,000 foods. Choose and compare 2 foods."

Lighten Up and Get Moving
Online tool that calculates calories burned based on activity, duration, and weight.

Recipe Nutrition Calculator
Enter ingredients and number served of any recipe to calculate calories, carbs, fat, protein, sodium and sugar.

SELF Nutrition Data
Sponsored by SELF magazine, this is a suite of tools that allows you to analyze recipes, track nutrients and more.  Requires registration (free).


Create a profile to use this online food tracker provided by the USDA.

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