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Use Your Noodle Tools: Gather Notecards

Teach yourself to use Noodle Tools, a citation generator and much more.

Virtual Notecards

Virtual notecards allow you to easily take notes from the resources you have gathered. Each card should be given a TITLE that represents the main idea or topic of the information within the notecard. Any given source may have several different notecards to represent different ideas gathered from it. You can connect the card directly to the SOURCE from which you gathered the information using the drop down box provided.

Three separate word processor boxes allow you to differentiate between your own ideas and those of others.

The DIRECT QUOTATIONS box should include only exact wording copied from resources. Corrections to spelling or tense should only be made within [brackets]. Be sure to include the author or speaker of the quote.

The PARAPHRASE or SUMMARY box provides you with a place to record the ideas of others "in your own words." This does NOT mean that you should simple restructure the sentences or swap a few words for synonyms. Instead, try paraphrasing "blind." Read the source and set it aside to record what you have come to understand from your reading. You can check for accuracy afterwards.

The MY IDEAS box offers you an important opportunity to record your own reactions (ideas and questions) that arise out of reading the material. This will inform further research and perhaps the formation of your own theories and solutions.

URL affiliations and PILES can also be assigned from here.

TAGS can also be applied, though they are not always necessary. Use these if you will be gathering a large number of cards, that you need to be able to search quickly.  Assign a tag for every possible search term you might use in conducting a search of your notes.

Organize your thoughts...

Each notecard you create will appear on your virtual TABLETOP. These can be sorted (and re-sorted) into piles, as your project and your ideas develop. Because some people choose to create piles according to topics/subtopics in their outline, NoodleTools also displays your OUTLINE on your tabletop.

You can open any card (or pile) by double clicking on it. You will be able to print cards individually or as piles. Your notes will be color coded according to the boxes you have taken notes in (direct quotations, paraphrase or summary, my ideas).

You can also apply a variety of color and visual cues and tags to your cards to help you in organizing your ideas.

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