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Global Conflict and the Recipe for Resolution


Conflict Resolution Strategies

Avoid conflict.
Seems simple, but sometimes withdrawal is the best answer.


Listen / Empathize
Recognize that everyone has biases and validate different perceptions.

Look deeper.
Look below surface arguments to find and address underlying issues.

Think "We."
Ditch the "us versus them" viewpoint. It only leads to competition.


Avoid escalation.
Threats and provocative words/actions put people on the defensive. 

Set goals.
It's difficult to work together if you expect different outcomes. 

Use mediators.
Having someone in the room who has nothing to gain from either party provides an objective point of view. 


Limit nonnegotiables.
Not everything we'd like is sacred. Identify those items that are, up front.

Accommodate others.
Remember that others have needs to. Recognize what is sacred or meaningful to your opponent and give rather than take.

Try collaborating.
What does everyone agree on.  Start by working together on these. Case in point: Coronavirus!


Painful Hope
Ali Abu Awwad, Israel-Palestine
Ted Talk (10:20)
Humanizing Palestine
Lilia Brooker, Palestinian American
Ted Talk (15:57)
"To solve mass violence look to locals"
Severine Autesserre,  Democratic Republic of the Congo
TedTalk (15:40)
"The secret to effective nonviolent resistance" 
Jamila Raqib, Afghanistan
Ted Talk (8:46)
"For more tolerance we need more...tourism?"
Aziz Abu Sarah, Palestine 
Ted Talk (4:29) 
  "Pay attention to non-violence"
Julie Bacha, Film Maker in Israel-Palestine
Ted Talk (10:34)





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