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Global Conflict and the Recipe for Resolution

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WHO is involved directly in this conflict?

WHO is supporting the two sides of this conflict?  (Other countries or groups for example, organizations)

WHAT does each side want to accomplish?

WHEN have certain events taken place over time to fuel the conflict between these two nations/groups.  Determine as many key events as you can to help you understand the depth of the conflict.

WHERE has this conflict generally occurred? Is it a particular area with resources, access to trade, cultural issues cross paths, etc.

WHY are the two sides (or more than two sides) of this conflict at odds? Are their values or goals that are at conflict with each other.

WHAT attempts have been made to resolve this conflict?  Describe attempts at conflict resolution and/or if there has been an escalation of the conflict.

for exploring global conflict and resolution


undefinedGlobal Conflict Tracker 

Sponsored by Center for Preventative Action, an agent of the Council on Foreign Relations, this site serves as "an interactive guide to ongoing conflicts around the world of concern to the United States."  Offers background information and resources for better understanding each conflict."  Filter by region and/or cause of dispute (civil war, territory, etc.).


undefinedGlobal Issues in Context

This library database carries focused resources that will help you explore global issues. The news sources provided represent publications and broadcast from all regions of the world, allowing you to view events from a variety of perspectives. 


(Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project) 

The project gathers and evaluates data related to world wide conflicts. Check out these features:

  • 10 Conflicts to Worry About in 2020, is a useful analysis for understanding a number of emerging and ongoing conflicts. Be sure to scroll of the awesome information graphics provided on each conflict!
  • Click on the map (or dashboard button) to access the data sorting tool, where you'll reveal useful statistics related to any conflict currently taking place. 
  • Search the site using a country or keyword to access current analysis of the situation.  
  • Check out their COVID-19 Disorder Tracker to find out how the current health crisis is impacting aresa of global unrestOur


undefinedOur World in Data: War & Peace

This interactive data set offers perspective on the impact of war, over time.

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