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Anatomy of a Book Review

Learning Tasks

1.  Begin and maintain an annotated reader's bibliography using NoodleTools.  This bibliography will serve as a record of your literary experience at MGHS.  Your bibliographic citations will include both a formal citation and an annotation that offers both a description of the book read and an evaluation of it's literary merits.

2.  Prepare a formal critical book review for a book you have independently chosen and read.  You will be publishing this review in multiple formats.  (NOTE:  Your review may be used as your annotation for this book's citation.)

Anatomy of a Book Review

In today's hyperconnected world, we all have the opportunity to share thoughts and opinions as a way of helping others to make crucial decisions.  Media reviews (music, books, movies, or games) are a common example of individuals exercising their public voice. As a learner, preparing a book review for publication will help you to

practice summarizing the information and  ideas you encounter in media every day

formulate and express individual opinions about media

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Tools and Resources

 Destiny Online Library Catalog

Our online catalog is more than a search tool.  Log in to your personal account and track and renew your check-outs, leave reviews, recommend books to anyone in our school, and even share resources on social media.

Need help?  Check out our guide:
Getting to Know Your Online Catalog


The free version of NoodleTools is a great citation generator.  The paid subscription provided for you by your MGHS offers you more powerful tools and even interfaces with Google Docs!  Create and save your bibs, share them with teachers, and collaborate with others!

Need a refresher on how to use this tool? Simple steps are outlined in this guide:
Use Your Noodle Tools

Finally, learn more about the skills and tools used for media annotation in our guide:

Annotated: Conversations with Media

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