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Other Awards

Other Literary Awards

The Boston Globe/Horn Book Award

The Caldecott Medal
for outstanding children's literature,

Coretta Scott King Award 
for utstanding African American authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults.

Edgar Allan Poe Award
for outstanding mystery literature.

Indies Choice Book Award 

The Hugo Awards
for outstanding science fiction literature.

Los Angeles Times Book Prize

The Man Booker Prize

The Morris Award
for promising first time young adult authors.

The National Book Award

National Bookseller's Circle Award

The Newberry Medal 
for outstanding children and young adult literature.

The Pulitzer Prize for Literature

Pura Belpré 
for outstanding YA literature by a Latino/Latina author.

Printz Award
for outstanding young adult literature.

Siebert Medal
for outstanding informational books.



Book Awards: Criticall Considering Newly Published Works

Each year, numerous foundations, societies, and organizations award prizes of literary recognition to newly or recently published books.  These awards serve to launch sometimes little known titles into the public's awareness and often solidify an author's place in the publishing world.  No wonder author's covet these prizes.  Winning just one can assure that author that future work will be considered and very likely published.  

But, do literary prizes offer anything to the reader?  

What Book Awards Do:

What book awards do...

...establish criteria.

Literary book awards are awarded based on specific criteria established by the sponsoring organization.  While these criteria vary from prize to prize, they generally examine content (literary value) as opposed to popularity (market value)

...promote new authors.

Many book awards feature categories that promote first time authors, or authors writing from the fringes of mainstream culture.  This draws public attention to new books and new ideas.  

...recognize skilled authors.

Aside from yearly awards, many award organizations also recognize bodies of work and lifetime achievement.  This recognition serves to reward consistency and attention to quality, original storytelling rather than simply cranking out formulaic works.

...promote reading.

Ties to both libraries and education mean that many awards are designed to get kids reading in common.  This common reading leads to more discussion around literature and encourages people to read even more.

What book awards DON'T do...


No book will appeal to all readers.  Awards don't guarantee that you'll enjoy the book. If you don't like the book you are reading...critique it!


literary    /'lidəˌrerē/    adjective

1.  concerning the writing or content of literature, especially of the kind valued for quality of form.

"the book was a literary work of art"

Do book awards matter?  

Consider and discuss the following articles.  

1.  How do book awards help readers in a book saturated marketplace?

2.  What are the limitations of relying on book awards to select your reading?

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