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Bioethics: AP Biology Research

Secondary and Tertiary Works

Why ebooks?

Scholarly analysis that has undergone the editorial process is more reliable.  Researchers, however, don't always have time to read these analyses cover-to-cover.  Traditional tools, such as the "table of contents" and the "index" have always allowed readers to hone in on the portions of a book most likely to meet their own informational needs.  Ebooks offer another solution.  Full-text searchable, researchers can quickly locate obscure references not "indexed" by the author but nevertheless usefull to the researcher's particular needs.  MG hosts ebooks for student use on several platforms. 


Other bioethics titles in our
GVRL Collection

Biomedical Ethics (2015) Andrea C. Nakaya  

Biopharmaceuticals (2016) Monica K. Gill, ed.  

Genetic Testing and Gene Therapy (2016) James Wolfe, ed. 

Genetically Modified Crops and Food (2015) Natalie Regis, ed.  

​Superbugs, (2016) Tamara Thompson, ed.

​Superfoods - At Issue (2016) Roman Espejo, ed. 

Academic Journals



The Badgerlink collection of resources, offered through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is available to all Wisconsin citizens via IP or library card. Curated by librarians at the University of Wisconsin, the collection features a number of databases designed for college level learning and professional reference.  Among the resources you'll find here, is a comprehensive collection known as EBSCOHost.

You can search all EBSCOHost databases simultaneously, or select those most tailored to your research needs.  The search widget below delivers results that are found in 3 scholarly databases.  Results are narrowed to full text and peer-reviewed articles.  


Research databases
Limit Your Results



MG Databases
There are a number of databases through the MGHS library that you are already familiar with and that offer access academic journals. These include.  Remember to narrow your results to scholarly or academic journals.  

Global Issues-in-Context
Resources in Context 
SIRs Pro/Con


Open Source Research

Google Scholar Search


Other deep-web tools:

The Bielefield Academic Search Engine delivers results from over 100 million documents with tools to help you narrow results to books, reviews, lectures, videos, and academic thesis.  

A great source for scientific information, this project started as an NGO (non-governmental organization) and has grown into a respected academic journal directory.  The journal gives free access to over 25,000 institutions worldwide.  Non-members can view abstracts and reference lists.

The Directory of Open Access Journals searches a community curated list of scientific and scholarly resources found in over 8,000 online academic peer-reviewed journals.They promote best practice publishing and scholarly standards within the open access framework.

Provides a free access platofrm for anyone searching for science-related information. The platform only publishes articles that have undergone strict peer-review editing.  

PubMed Central
Operated by tne National Center for Biotechnology Information, at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, this database offers more than 3 million full-text journal articles.  PubMed is also available through Badgerlink.  

New England Journal of Medicine
This respected medical journal offers much of it's past issues online, at no charge.  

Simple in appearance, this search engine brings back results that resemble the typical Google search, but the algorithm is designed to target academic and scientific results, with easy access to PDF versions of academic papers.  

This is a unique social networking site for scientists and other researchers.  Researchers submit their own work for shared access.
Maintained by the Office of Science and Technical Information,this search engine pulls from over 60 database, 2000 websites, and millions of documents and other scientific data sources.

​Operated by the Office of Science and Technical Information within the U.S. Department of Energy, this site harvests information from databases in over 70 countries, dispaying both English and translated results from related journals and academic sources.


This Google Chrome extension will scour the web for free versions of any article you come across that is blocked by a paywall.  

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